Beyond the Beauty

A woman is more than just a pretty face Рthis is a very clich̩ statement, but one that needs to be heard by women and men. In our society, girls are often told and shown, starting at a very young age, that to be successful and to snag a man in her life she must be pretty and skinny.

Before little girls even start to think about boys or make life goals, they are taught that being a woman is focused on how you look on the outside rather than focusing on the inside.

“Ironically, the dimensions of Barbie would not even be anatomically possible on humans. A woman with her dimensions of 36-18-38 would not be able to live. The perfection Barbie portrays has influenced many women to attain Barbie’s body by having operations to make themselves ‘look like Barbie'”

There is not to say that women should not care about their physical appearance, but there is much more to a woman’s potential than the perfect eyeliner or the best way to flirt with her crush.

It is important to present yourself to world with authentic confidence and if that includes sundresses and bright pink lip gloss the more power to you.

The goal of this blog is to let girls know and truly believe that they are more than just a pretty face. Girls of all ages should realize that their potential exceeds what society tries to tell us.