One of my best girls from high school is cutting 6 + inches off her hair today to donate to Locks of Love.

– Another example of why women rock and we we are more than just our pretty faces and long beautiful blonde hair!


Thanks Erin

“I thought losing your love was a blow I could never withstand-Look how far I have come without anyone holding my hand. I had to find my way, the day you broke my heart, you handed me the chance, to make a brand new start; you helped me find my way. There’s still so much to learn, so many dreams to earn. But even if I crash and burn ten time a day… I think I’m here to stay. I’m gonna find my way.”

Song lyrical from musical Legally Blonde.

My friend, Erin (who is currently NYC having the time of her life and living her dreams), posted this on her Facebook as a her status and I just couldn’t help but pass along! 

For all those girlies who are going through a tough break-up or major change in your life, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!


In the Oct. 26 edition of Time magazine, a special report was ran titled, “The State of the American Woman (A new poll shows why they are more powerful – but less happy.)


Life Lesson

He’s just not that into you. You are not the exception (yes, stolen from the movie). But the best part: that is ok – because someday you will be the exception ♥ .


Do you ever feel like you have heard it all before? How to get your life together.


7 tips to truly being happy


One sure trick that will get him to notice you


5 easy steps to reduce the stress in your life


Take this quiz and find out what your purpose is


I say: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Put down Oprah, step away from COSMO and for pete-sakes, you are 21, why are you reading Seventeen?


While, the abover materials may offer some tips that actually work, in the end they usually leave you asking, “What went wrong: why didn’t it work for me; why am do I still feel unhappy?”


I am not going to give you tips or lists (because then it would defeat my rant above.) The only thing I want to say it is in your life – all the moments –  (not Oprah’s) where you will find your passions, dreams, beliefs and the you who you are meant to be. And in those moments you will find happiness!

Where do you find beauty?

True beauty is not found in the latest trend, plastic surgery or the perfect foundation color for your skin type. True beauty is usually found in the most simple moments of life. 

Here are moments in which I find true beauty.







I also find beauty in the innocence of children, the silence between best friends, an elderly couple holding hands, a great edition of the Creightonian, a country song with beautiful lyrics and many more places.



Dove Beauty Campaign

While most beauty brands bombard women with ways to be superficial beauties in our society, one brand attempts to persuade women to embrace their authentic, individual and unique beauty at any age: DOVE.

About a week ago I saw one of the most compelling and true commercials put out by DOVE.

I could not help but think, “this is exactly the message I want to convey through writing this blog.”

Watch the video and tell me what you think. What is your reaction? How can you help spread this message?

Reality Check

There is a time in your life where you just have to accept the present circumstances, stop looking to the past, worrying about the future and truly live in the present. Because until you can learn to live in the present you will never be content with your life and you will think if I just had that one thing then I would or could be happy. If you look to the past you could think if things have been different, turned out differently than I would be happy.

But guess what things are the way they are: SO DEAL.

You made your bed and now you get to sleep in it – actually you probably don’t get to sleep in it because you are too busy with your crazy schedule between school, damage control of your resent drama and whatever else you have going on with your life. So the goal is to gain some composure, dig deep into your closet, find those big girl panties, put them on and move on with your life, because you don’t want it moving on without you. Because what you can’t have now probably means there is something great waiting for you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t live in the present.

Take it one day at a time, do the things that keep you content and your life simple.

Work hard, play smart, treat everyone with respect and kindness.

Let that cute boy chase you and if he doesn’t chase you then he wasn’t worth your time or effort in the first place.

Prince Charming v. Superwoman

“Boys are Dumb – throw rocks at them.”

This is my current state of mind when it comes to the opposite sex, but unfortunately it is not entirely their fault. Girls are equally dumb, especially when it comes to boys. We make irrational decisions based on our emotions (our crazy, out of control emotions.) We get caught up in the moment. We think that the small amount of attention and time that a guy will give us is worth the heartache after.

This past month, I have fallen into the trap thinking that I need a man in my life. Not only did I believe this lie, but I didn’t not find men, I found boys…

My boyfriend of the past 2.58 years of my life and I broke up two months ago for very fundamental reasons and instead of spending time on my own to regain complete independence, I fell into the trap of wanting a guy and the comfort that comes along with that.


Why is that independent, beautiful and successful women feel that they have to have a man in their life?

The answer: WE DON”T NEED A MAN: but so much of society and culture convince us at an early age we do.

We are convinced that we need prince charming to rescue us or that Bella couldn’t possible survive with Edward in Twilight.

NOTE: I am not a feminist. Cinderella is still one of my favorite movies. I swoon over Edward and Jacob. I love chick flicks and Nicholas Spark’s novels.

But I also have to realize that, while I believe in true love, non of the above are reality. They are fantasies.

“Hold your head high.

Don’t ever let ’em define the light in your eyes.

Love yourself, give them Hell. You can take on this world.

You just stand and be strong and then fight like a girl.

Oh with style and grace kiss ass and take names.”