Prince Charming v. Superwoman

“Boys are Dumb – throw rocks at them.”

This is my current state of mind when it comes to the opposite sex, but unfortunately it is not entirely their fault. Girls are equally dumb, especially when it comes to boys. We make irrational decisions based on our emotions (our crazy, out of control emotions.) We get caught up in the moment. We think that the small amount of attention and time that a guy will give us is worth the heartache after.

This past month, I have fallen into the trap thinking that I need a man in my life. Not only did I believe this lie, but I didn’t not find men, I found boys…

My boyfriend of the past 2.58 years of my life and I broke up two months ago for very fundamental reasons and instead of spending time on my own to regain complete independence, I fell into the trap of wanting a guy and the comfort that comes along with that.


Why is that independent, beautiful and successful women feel that they have to have a man in their life?

The answer: WE DON”T NEED A MAN: but so much of society and culture convince us at an early age we do.

We are convinced that we need prince charming to rescue us or that Bella couldn’t possible survive with Edward in Twilight.

NOTE: I am not a feminist. Cinderella is still one of my favorite movies. I swoon over Edward and Jacob. I love chick flicks and Nicholas Spark’s novels.

But I also have to realize that, while I believe in true love, non of the above are reality. They are fantasies.

“Hold your head high.

Don’t ever let ’em define the light in your eyes.

Love yourself, give them Hell. You can take on this world.

You just stand and be strong and then fight like a girl.

Oh with style and grace kiss ass and take names.”

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  1. Ugh. My heart aches for you. Two months belated — I’m sorry about your break up. Break ups suck. Sending hot fudge sundaes your way… 🙂

  2. jenbischoff

     /  October 7, 2009

    Thanks Katie!


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