Do you ever feel like you have heard it all before? How to get your life together.


7 tips to truly being happy


One sure trick that will get him to notice you


5 easy steps to reduce the stress in your life


Take this quiz and find out what your purpose is


I say: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Put down Oprah, step away from COSMO and for pete-sakes, you are 21, why are you reading Seventeen?


While, the abover materials may offer some tips that actually work, in the end they usually leave you asking, “What went wrong: why didn’t it work for me; why am do I still feel unhappy?”


I am not going to give you tips or lists (because then it would defeat my rant above.) The only thing I want to say it is in your life – all the moments –  (not Oprah’s) where you will find your passions, dreams, beliefs and the you who you are meant to be. And in those moments you will find happiness!

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