Going against the grain

(author’s note: i have not written on the blog for a while, but i am back in the game. a passion in my heart that i can’t ignore is making sure women of all ages know they are more than just a pretty face. writing this blog is also a great reminder for myself. ┬áif this is your first read on here: check this out!)

As a senior in college, it is easy to reflect on my past four years. I was reminded today of the first guy I liked at Creighton and the empty feelings I had when it ended. And I can’t imagine how much more empty I would have felt if I had given more of myself away to him.

For many college students, hooking up is a normal part of campus life. But one young girl, Lady Gaga and Kelly Clarkson take a stance against it and can serve as positive role models for young women.

Read the ARTICLE on cnn.com and tell me what you think. Be honest. Be open. Be you.

“I’m respecting myself,” Boyle said confidently one sunny morning before class. “And I won’t waste my time with some guy who doesn’t care about me.”

(Quote from the article)