Chick Flicks

I am a huge fan of chick flicks. I love them. I love watching people fall in love and the impossible becoming possible.

best friends learning they are really in love and meant to be, proposals only you can dream of, the perfect first time…

Unfortunately the downside to chick flicks is the unrealistic expectations of love they set for many girls. Unless you are able to completely set aside reality from fiction, you are setting up your love life up for major disappointments.

Check out Times list of the top 10 worst chick flicks. (note: there are movies on this list that I like.)

One that I believe should be on this list is He’s just not that into you. This movie bothers me because I expected it to follow the title and actually have an ending where the girl did not end up with the guy, but it is Hollywood and a chick flick, so of course she did.

Many people think it is just a movie, you are reading way to much into it. But take a moment and think about where your love life expecations come from.

Two realisitc movies I appreciate: Up in the Air and The Breakup.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to fall in love and have magical moments, but I want to pair those expectations with reality.

Thoughts? Do share.

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  1. Another movie to add to this list is our failed viewing of “Once.” I think a chick flick can be effective with its happy ending, but the cliche endings went overboard over the years and started a precedent that every romantic comedy must have a trite happy ending. I’m glad you mentioned “Up in the Air” because there are a few gems that keep it real and help balance out the movies like your favorite “The Notebook.” But I’m not expecting the chick flicks to change any time soon.


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