How to be Beautiful.

Put down your mascara and step away from the sales-rack. You don’t need perfect make-up or the perfect pair of jeans to feel beautiful (while there is nothing wrong with feeling beautiful on the outside), lasting beauty is in your heart and actions.

Here is a list of 35 simple ways to feel beautiful.


30 before 30

A fun read for girls in their 20’s (which includes me and most of my friends.)

There are some real good and funny tips in here.


This one I can relate to.

paranormal bad boy…

I admit it. I love Twilight. I went on Friday to see Eclipse with one of my very best friends and yes, we giggled the whole time (we are girls – yes, I make stereotypical comments occasionally).

But are the paranomal bad boys that show up in movies such as Twilight signifying more than we think?

One writer proposes some ideas of her own…

“Many women today are juggling jobs, families, relationships, school or other responsibilities, not leaving much room for themselves. A fictional hero gifted with mystical abilities, lethal sexiness and a razor-sharp wit is the ultimate fantasy package.”

READ ARTICLE – share your thoughts. Think a little.