paranormal bad boy…

I admit it. I love Twilight. I went on Friday to see Eclipse with one of my very best friends and yes, we giggled the whole time (we are girls – yes, I make stereotypical comments occasionally).

But are the paranomal bad boys that show up in movies such as Twilight signifying more than we think?

One writer proposes some ideas of her own…

“Many women today are juggling jobs, families, relationships, school or other responsibilities, not leaving much room for themselves. A fictional hero gifted with mystical abilities, lethal sexiness and a razor-sharp wit is the ultimate fantasy package.”

READ ARTICLE – share your thoughts. Think a little.

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  1. Caitlin

     /  July 6, 2010

    I’m giggling now just thinking about it!

    I think a lot of what is attractive about the “bad boy” in movies such as Twilight is that the guys aren’t wimps. They let the girl know what they want and are willing to fight for her. Not to mention that they accept the girl as she is, flaws and all. That combination definitely speaks to something that is attractive to women and is becoming more scarce in the real world, where guys seem to be afraid to let girls know what they are feeling and are scared to ask a girl on a date. I’ll take Jacob Black (+5 years) over that any day!

  2. Oh “Twilight.” When will the phenomenon end? It’s similar to that “Disney Complex” I told you about…

    I have a NEW concept: how about they make a movie about a woman who’s able to make her own decisions and be her own hero without a man telling her what she should do? Women are more than capable and would make better role models than these Team Jacob/Team Edward guys. Just saying, it would be a better movie. But you already know how I feel about this. haha


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