Friends not Foes

As I mentioned in a previous post, we women are quite insecure and often compete with every woman we run into in the grocery store, restaurant and even the elevator. But this morning to my surprise a step was made closer to squashing the competitiveness among women.

Completing my usually Sunday routine of grabbing coffee across the street, I was heading into the elevator with a lovely young lady who has just looked like she worked out. She instantly said “Good morning” to me and we exchanged the polite “how are you” small talk. She even asked for my floor and pushed the button for me. As we rode up, I was thinking how I could say that I was jealous of her motivation to work out a Sunday morning. But in my head I opted for the “Have a good day.” As we reached my floor, she beat me to the punch line, presenting me with a lovely smile and a (what I thought to be) sincere “Have a good day.”


We could have eyed each other, passed judgement on our looks or anything for that matter, but we didn’t. We simply brought a pleasant smile to one another’s face. A great start to a Sunday morning and a small step in the right direction.