Quotes and Sayings

This is a place to find inspiration and reminders. Please leave comments with quotes and sayings that you think should be added. Thanks!

“Authentic happiness isn’t something we can go out and get, buy, beg, borrow or steal…  it’s only something we can be, and it’s a choice we make with every breath we take.”

–       Dennis Merritt Jones


 “When you come to that inspiring moment when you choose your Definite Major Purpose, do not become discouraged if relatives or friends who are nearest to you call you a “dreamer.” Just remember that the dreamers have been the forerunners of all human progress.”

-Napoleon Hill


“Girls are like apples…the best ones are at the top of the trees. The boys don’t want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they just get the rotten apples that are on the ground that aren’t as good, but easy. So the apples at the top think there is something wrong with them, when, in reality, they are amazing. They just have to wait for the right boy to come along, the one who’s brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree…”


“He offered her the world. She said she had her own.”


“Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no trouble, no noise or hard work. It means to be in the mist of all these things and still be calm in your heart.”


“If you are honest, people may cheat you. Be honest anyway. If you find happiness, people may be jealous. Be happy anyway. The good you do may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway. Give the world your best you have and it may be never enough. Give your best anyway. For you see, in the end, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.”

–       Mother Teresa


“A woman’s heart should be so lost in God that a man needs to seek Him in order to find her.”

– Unknown


 “To avoid situations in which you might make mistakes may be the biggest mistake of all. “

– Peter McWilliams


 “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. There are plans for good and not disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”

– Jeremiah 29:11

“It is not fancy hair, gold jewelry, or fine clothes that should make you beautiful. No, your beauty should come from within you—the beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit that will never be destroyed and is very precious to God.”
– 1 Peter 3:3-4 



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